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Want To Join The Crew?

Who We Are And How You Can Become One Of Us

To be a part of a farm like this, you have to love land. You must recognize our inherent connectivity, that we are all responsible for each other's well-being. Farming is labor-intensive, requires incredible passion and stretches every muscle in your body, mind and spirit.

Milkweed Tussock Tubers offers seasonal internships and is open to volunteers. We are not currently hiring. Interested parties may contact us with a description of their agricultural experience (not required) and why they would like to learn here.

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A lifelong farmer, Cat founded MTT on a wing and a prayer. She now takes pride in soil building and enjoys following carrion beetles around the farm.


As a senior at Governeur High School, Ava's unbeatable optimism and willingness to do anything make her a staple of our busiest days. She works with a smile while listening to Catherine jabber on about potatoes.


At eleven, Bridget stepped foot onto our host farm, Bittersweet, and never looked back. Now a paid member of Milkweed Tussock Tubers and Bittersweet Farm, she uses her no-nonsense practicality to ensure work gets done. Her humor adds energy to the long days here.


As a junior at Gouverneur High School, Carly joined MTT just as harvest was swinging in strong. Her perseverance pushed us through the busiest times. Her passion for social and environmental justice is matched only by her attentiveness to the details that help keep the farms running.


Ann co-operates Bittersweet Farm, the host farm through which MTT incubates. She currently acts as our accessibility coordinator. Her 30 plus years of experience with soil, plant health, marketing and sales makes her an invaluable team member.  


Brian co-operates Bittersweet Farm. His passion lies in poultry and pigs, and he assists in Milkweed Tussock Tubers activities with unwavering enthusiasm. His 30 plus years of experience provide us with invaluable information.

The Powerful Potato Posse: Team
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