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An Old Form of Power

Emma, Fern and Galadryal are Scotch Highland Devon-Angus cattle. Born March 2020, they are learning how to use a yoke, pull a cultivator and generally drag me around. With their assistance, MTT will become an oxen-powered farm, reducing our fossil fuel use while sharing the load. With rotational grazing methods, these ladies and their family also provide fertilizer, sequester carbon and reduce invasive species populations. It is a joy to see them basking in the sun as baby killdeer skitter by.

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Galadryal and Emma

Galadryal, with her tri-colored curls, is the caretaker of these three. She often leads communication when something is wrong, and is fearless.

EmmaandGaladryal (3).png
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Emma and Fern

Emma, with her tan waves, is the matriarch of these ladies, just as her mother is matriarch of the whole herd.  Attentive and playful, she often will greet visitors.
Fern, with her thick, black locks, is a quiet teacher. She works well alone and enjoys getting to know the babies.

Dem Grrllss: Meet The Oxen: Services
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