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Sowing Seeds

"As long as I have seeds in my pocket, I have hope in my heart."

Rowen White

MTT strives to share the joy of seed keeping with all. Though we dropped our seed certification for the 2022-2023 growing season, we remain committed to ensuring our seedstock is free from viruses and fungal diseases.

We regularly test our spud plants for Potato Viruses A,X,S and Y and maintain clean stock to avoid fungal and bacterial infections. We disinfect our equipment and storage facilities to prevent cross-contamination. 

We also recognize, however, the risks inherent in growing our own seed with no outside testing. We seek transparency and will give growers every detail of our yearly experiences. We currently use Agdia Lab home test kits and are happy to share the results and our corresponding actions with you. 

If you are interested in purchasing seed, please contact us through this website, by email or phone. Price is pay what you can, and we DO ship. Check out our listing at the independent, democratic seed-sharing organization that is Grassroots Seed Network. You can also find us at SeedWise, an online, independent marketplace that facilitates seed sales direct from organic growers to you.

we currently do not take payments through our website, nor do we have an online store. shipping begins April 12 for those in Zone 4 or colder. shipping for Zone 5 or warmer is on a per-customer basis and begins March 10. these dates are chosen specifically to prevent freezing in transit.

Sowing Seeds: About

Varieties Offered

While each year may hold something different, we strive to consistently grow specific varieties.

Currently Available

Purple Peruvians: Beautiful knobbly potatoes, these purple-skinned fingerlings sparkle with blue-and-white stars when cut open. The tall, thin plants are drought and heat tolerant, with leaves that often bronze. They are at least 100 days, taking advantage of the Autumn rains to set tubers. At four to six inches long, Purple Peruvians provide a nice balance of floury and waxy texture, making them versatile in the kitchen. 

Papa Cachos: "Cacho" means horn, and at MTT, we've determined this is in reference to unicorn horns. Papa Cachos are almost as uncommon in the North Country as unicorns, as they are long-season potatoes, surviving the cold weather of Autumn. Plants are also blight and insect resistant and can reach heights of three feet. Many prefer to harvest these red-skinned, pink-fleshed tubers early at four inches long, but I wait until they finish up at ten inches. Fantastic storage potatoes, these are a firm, waxy spud. 

Upstate Abundance: Reminiscent of marbles, these creamy potatoes are delightfully delicious; their Chilean ancestry shines through in the flavour. An 80-day producer, the busy Upstate Abundance can also be harvested early. Very thin-skinned and only reaching three inches in diameter, these spuds make amazing salt potatoes any time of the year.

Blackberry: These are the taters that dye your hands! I know a woman who wears gloves when peeling them, but I say to let those colors shine. Their almost-black purple flesh and skin are occasionally spotted with bright white eyes. A thin-skinned producer of very round, smooth spuds, the Blackberries can be harvested at about 90 days. They have the added benefit of being disease resistant.      

Sowing Seeds: Welcome

Our commitment to food justice and accessibility includes a sliding price scale for products and services. The production of one pound of potatoes costs $3.50. We acknowledge that is often higher than customers can afford. We also know that incomes fluctuate.

A sliding scale, therefore, requires your active participation. You choose from which Tier you can pay, and we accept it, no questions asked. There is NO SHAME in not having been handed privilege by a capitalistic economy. Those who can pay more help us provide food at a reduced price for those with limited income while still keeping the lights on here.

Regardless of your price participation, I ask you to recognize the choices we have and the ways in which we can collaborate as a food-based community, ensuring access to nourishment for all.

Seedstock Potatoes

Please contact us if you need to negotiate prices or pay on lay-away.

Tier A     1.00 per pound

Tier B     2.00 per pound

Tier C    3.00 per pound

Tier D    4.00 per pound (At this price, begin to have an income.)

Tier E     5.00 per pound

Tier F     6.00 per pound

Tier G    7.00 per pound

Tier F     Trade or Barter

“The ‘Johnny’s’ Tier”    15.00 per pound

Sowing Seeds: Text
Sowing Seeds: About
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