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Culinary Delights Straight From The Dirt

Salads, chips and fries. Boiled, whipped and baked. Soups, stews and herb roasted. Latkes, hashbrowns and slathered in cheese. The versatility of root crops is mouthwatering, and we want to share that splendor with you! We begin harvesting in September and store spuds until May, selling and eating through the winter. We occasionally offer through Nature's Storehouse in Canton, NY, but we also sell from the farm and at the Canton Farmer's Market.

Tubers For Your Table: Welcome

Tablestock Varieties

Currently Available

Papa Cacho: Long, waxy fingerings with pink flesh and skin. Great for salads or roasting, these spuds keep long into the Spring.

Purple Peruvian: Knobbly, purple skinned fingerings with blue and white flesh for all around use. They're not the most peelable, but sure are fun!

Upstate Abundance: Fast cooking, thin skinned white potatoes with a sweet flavor. These little nuggets make awesome salt potatoes!

Strawberry Paw: A very cheerful, yellow fleshed variety with pink skin. Good in soups, Strawberry Paws have a sweeter flavor than other taters. 

Blackberry: Dye-your-hands-purple potatoes with a high enough dry matter content to make for great baking. I like their flakiness and the color is always eye-catching. 

Peter Wilcox: A reliable, all-purpose variety with blue skin and yellow flesh. Cooks softer. 

Price is always pay-what-you-can. Drop in for a pound, or order in bulk for the Winter! You can contact us via email, Facebook, phone or through the website.

we currently do not take payments through our website, nor do we have an online store

Tubers For Your Table: Inventory

Our commitment to food justice and accessibility includes a sliding price scale for products and services. The production of one pound of potatoes costs $3.50. We acknowledge that is often higher than customers can afford. We also know that incomes fluctuate.

A sliding scale, therefore, requires your active participation. You choose from which Tier you can pay, and we accept it, no questions asked. There is NO SHAME in not having been handed privilege by a capitalistic economy. Those who can pay more help us provide food at a reduced price for those with limited income while still keeping the lights on here.

Regardless of your price participation, I ask you to recognize the choices we have and the ways in which we can collaborate as a food-based community, ensuring access to nourishment for all.

Seedstock Potatoes

Please contact us if you need to negotiate prices or pay on lay-away.

Tier A     1.00 per pound

Tier B     2.00 per pound

Tier C    3.00 per pound

Tier D    4.00 per pound (At this price, begin to have an income.)

Tier E     5.00 per pound

Tier F     6.00 per pound

Tier G    7.00 per pound

Tier F     Trade or Barter

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