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The Bittersweet-Milkweed Collaborative

As of September 2023, Milkweed Tussock Tubers is merging with Bittersweet Farm. Please visit us on our new website for up to date information!

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Milkweed Tussock Tubers

Rejuvenating Ecosystems, Taste Buds and Garden Plots With Radical Roots

A Short Spud Story

      Milkweed Tussock Tubers is located in the St Lawrence River Valley of Northern New York. We are a small-scale spud and root operation begun in 2016, and St Lawrence County's only regenerative potato farm growing both table and self-tested seedstock. MTT promotes rare and unusual varieties while rejuvenating the ecosystems and communities in which we are based.

       We are driven by three objectives: restore and re-popularize unusual and endangered root crops; farm in the most ecologically responsible way possible; and teach others to do the same. We offer a diverse array of tablestock potatoes (papas), are building our varieties of unique seed and are restoring four threatened potatoes. We are also establishing our selection of native roots, and offer one variety of sunchokes (ohnenna'táhtsi)  while we cultivate two others. In a few years, we also hope to offer wild ginger and Solomon's seal, returning diversity to terra, textile, tonic and table.

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"Women are strong. Farmers are strong. Women farmers? Give us a packet of seeds and a hoe, and we will march, dance, mulch and grow our way right over the most tyrannical of forces. And we will bring the rest of the world, barefoot and laughing, along with us."
Catherine Bennett

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